Ridership Dashboards

Updated May 14, 2021

As part of ongoing efforts to promote social distancing and provide a safer, healthier travel environment, we’ve created the Ridership Information Dashboards, which are designed to help you better plan trips on our buses and trains to avoid traveling during heavy ridership periods, whenever possible. 

Updated weekly, the rail and bus dashboards provide the average ridership trends from the prior two weeks and indicate the likelihood you may encounter crowdedness on your preferred bus route or rail line.   

We’ve taken a number of steps to promote social distancing on our system. In coordination with the Chicago Department of Public Health (“CDPH”), we established maximum rider capacity limits for our buses and trains. The maximum rider capacity limits (i.e. total number of standing and seated customers) for a standard 40-foot bus is 25 passengers, and 36 passengers for a 60-foot articulated bus and each railcar. 

Crowding data presented in the bus and rail dashboards should be viewed within the context of the established COVID-19 maximum rider capacity limits. Please also note that crowding conditions may vary on portions of each bus route or by train car.


Tip: See below for background information about and how to understand the information provided in these dashboards.

About the bus dashboard

The Bus Ridership Information Dashboard utilizes a color-coding system of Blue, Yellow and Red to depict available space by bus route. You can select your preferred route(s) and direction of travel to see general capacity levels, based on the prior two weeks of ridership, for each hour of the day on either weekdays, Saturdays and/or Sundays. 

About the rail dashboard

The Rail Ridership Information Dashboard provides the average number of seats taken per railcar at each stop along the rail line. You can select the start and end stations by lines, the desired time of day and day type (Weekday, Saturday, Sunday). The dashboard then displays the crowding levels for all the stations you will travel through on that line.