4271 and the 2400s berthed on the new temporary Argyle platform

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‚ÄčA note about the cover: Wondering about the unusual cover for this year’s calendar? This year, our publications and design team decided to try some new things with our historical calendar—while mostly maintaining bits of history and pictures of people using our (and predecessor) services and transit vehicles with history and gorgeous photos from our archives, we wanted to also highlight some great photography from events and moments in transit history, including some of the incredible engineering works behind building transit lines that are built to last.

In particular, the photo from March is a stunning image looking upward from deep inside a construction shaft as part of building Chicago’s first downtown subways—the attractive geometry, radiating ringed interior and scale inspired us to create cover art from this image and is an abstracted, stylized image for the calendar cover that nods to and embraces the elegant, modernist, geometric aesthetics that are core to CTA’s classic, “Swiss” or “International” design language and style (most associated with our approachable and highly readable signage and wayfinding system). We hope you like it and all this year’s calendar has inside!


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