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CTA presently offers two subscription services. One allows you to receive e-mails about planned events affecting service for the upcoming week or weekend (eAlerts). The other gives you alerts about estimated arrival times and alerts affecting preferred bus routes and stops (Bus Tracker). 


CTA Updates subscriptions

If you receive e-mails from CTA about planned events affecting service on the upcoming weekend or several weekdays, the @ the CTA Newsletter or alerts about unplanned events that affect your service and wish to unsubscribe, you can manage your account by visiting CTA Updates subscriber preferences and choose to unsubscribe.


Bus Tracker subscriptions

If you receive e-mails from CTA Bus Tracker and want to unsubscribe or manage your Bus Tracker account, sign in to CTA Bus Tracker and then go to “My Account” at the top of the page.


Ventra subscriptions

If you have registered a Ventra Card or account, you'll get account-related e-mails from Ventra directly whenever there's something you need to know (such as a card is expiring or has a negative balance, receipts from when you buy fare online or in the app, etc.).

There are also optional types of messages you can get like certain account alerts (a card's balance is low, for example), news and more. Go to your Ventra Account Settings to edit your e-mail preferences.

System status snapshot
‘L’ route status
Red Line
Normal Service
Blue Line
Normal Service
Brown Line
Normal Service
Green Line
Normal Service
Orange Line
Normal Service
Pink Line
Normal Service
Purple Line
Normal Service
Yellow Line
Normal Service
Bus routes w/alerts
Elevator alerts