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Student Ventra Card Information for School Administrators

This page is for school administrators looking for information about how to help your students get/re-enable a Student Ventra Card that gives them access to Student Reduced Fare on CTA.


icon_euroinfoventrablue25pxThis page is for school administrators.
If you're a parent or guardian
looking for information, see this page.


Chicago Public Schools

Your school's ability to offer students new or replacement Student Ventra Cards, or re-enable their cards for Student Reduced Fare for each term they're enrolled is handled through a program administered through the school system. Visit CPS's Ventra project page for more information.

Private and parochial schools who distribute cards (Distribution Schools)

To get new cards for distribution:
  • Complete the School Administrator Bulk Card Order Form and send it along with your payment. It is helpful to order extra cards so you have them on hand, when needed.
  • Your order of blue, Student Ventra Cards will arrive in 7-10 business days and will already be activated.
  • Separately, you will be emailed a tracking spreadsheet for your own record keeping (sent as an Excel workbook). The first spreadsheet in the workbook (the first tab, at the bottom) will be pre-populated with the Student Ventra Card numbers and expiration dates for the cards you are sent. You will get a new spreadsheet every time you order new cards.
  • When a card is distributed to a student, note who the card was given to on your tracking form.
    • NOTE: This information is for school tracking purposes ONLY and will serve as your master list.
Students who already have cards:
  • Students may continue to use the same blue Student Ventra Card which was issued to them previously; it just needs to be renewed for every future school term for which they are in attendance.
  • To expedite the renewal process, returning students should be instructed to bring their cards in to their administrator so that their card information can be logged on the “Existing Card Renewal” worksheet in your tracking workbook (the second tab in the Excel file you're sent). For your records, please make note of the Student Ventra Card Number and expiration date as well as the student name and ID number (or unique student identifier) in order to distinguish between any duplicate student names.
  • Then, use the “Student Fare Renewal Form” form, which you will receive via email to send ONLY the Student Ventra Card number and card expiration date for renewal to CTA.
    • The easiest way to do this is copy the first two columns from your “Existing Card Renewal” master worksheet, and paste it into the corresponding two columns on the form - you should have just two informational columns to send to CTA. This will enable us to renew the student’s card without receiving unnecessary personal student information.
  • Send the “Student Fare Renewal Form” form to ctastudents@ventrachicago.com and the renewed student riding privilege will be applied within 3 business days.

All lost, stolen or damaged cards need to be reported to the CTA.

  • New cards can be issued to students from the existing card stock you have on hand. The cards will be active, and will have a zero balance.
  • If you know the number of the lost, stolen or damaged card send it to ctastudents@ventrachicago.com.
  • If the old card was registered, parents can transfer balances to the new card by calling Ventra at 1-877-NOW-VENTRA.


Non-distribution schools

If your school does not order bulk Student Ventra Cards for distribution to students your help is still needed in order for parents and students to complete their own order forms.

New/replacement cards
  • Students will have filled out the Individual Student Ventra Card form available at transitchicago.com/students.
  • Once received, the CTA will send the Student Ventra Card to the school in care of the student.
  • The same process will be followed if the student loses or misplaces their card and needs a replacement.
Renewals (to enable Student Reduced Fare on cards students already have when they return for a new term)
  • Students can continue to use their existing card but will need to submit a form to CTA that will need your validation.
  • Should you wish to help expedite the renewal, the administrator can fax or scan the form on behalf of the student to Ventra at:
      Fax: 312-283-1692
      Email: ctastudents@ventrachicago.com
  • If a student does not submit the renewal form to activate the student reduced fare, they will be charged regular (non-student) fares when riding the CTA.


For schools that issue cards (Distribution Schools), here are sample/blank Excel workbooks that you can use for tracking purposes:

System status snapshot
‘L’ route status
Red Line
Normal Service
Blue Line
Normal Service
Brown Line
Normal Service
Green Line
Normal Service
Orange Line
Normal Service
Pink Line
Normal Service
Purple Line
Normal Service
Yellow Line
Normal Service
Bus routes w/alerts
Elevator alerts