Photo: Track work at Loop Junction

Weekend service changes

Jan 18 - 21

Rail Lines



Jan 20 - 21 
11pm Sun to 4am Mon

Boarding Change, Delays Between Clark/Lake and Damen

How does this affect my trip?
Board/exit all trains on the Forest Park-bound side of the platform at the Grand, Chicago, and Division stations.

Trains in both directions will operate on the same track between Clark/Lake and Damen, resulting in minor delays.

Allow extra travel time.

Why is service being changed?
We are performing maintenance to ensure that trains continue to operate safely along the Blue Line.



Jan 19 – 21

2am Sat to 3:45am Mon

Garfield Station Stationhouse Temporarily Closed, Use Temporary Entrance

How does this affect my trip?
The Garfield station’s stationhouse will be temporarily closed. Access to elevators to the platforms will be temporarily unavailable.

Please use the temporary entrance/exit, located approximately 150 feet north of the stationhouse. Entry/exiting to/from the station platforms will be available by stairs only.

For accessible boarding/exiting of Green Line trains, use the adjacent accessible 51st station. Customers may also use the #3 King Drive bus, paralleling the Green Line, for service to/from downtown, or from 51st station (board #3 buses on King Drive, 1-1/2 blocks east of Garfield and 51st stations); or, the #55 Garfield bus, connecting to Red Line trains at the accessible Garfield Red Line station.

Allow extra travel time.

Why is service being changed?
We are performing construction to improve the Garfield station as part of the Garfield Gateway Project. 


Bus Routes

The bus reroutes listed below are short-term reroutes during this weekend or long-term reroutes beginning this weekend. For a full list of bus reroutes currently in place, please visit the Bus Alerts page.

#22 Clark Temporary Reroute

9am, Thu, Jan 17 to 4pm, Fri, Feb 8 or completion

How does this affect my trip?
Southbound buses will operate via Clark, Southport, and Addison, then resume their normal route on Clark.

Northbound buses are not affected.

Allow extra travel time.

Why is service being changed?
Buses are rerouted due to utility work at Clark/Southport.


#35 31st/35th Temporary Reroute

Mon, Jan 14 to Fri, Jan 25
9am to 3pm, daily or completion

How does this affect my trip?
buses will operate via 35th, Wallace, 33rd, and Wentworth, then resume their normal route on 35th.

Westbound buses are not affected.

Allow extra travel time.

Why is service being changed?
Buses are rerouted due to railroad viaduct repair work at 35th/Shields.



Customer alerts listed here are based on the latest information known as of the time of publishing. This information is subject to change without notice. While we work to provide information as accurate and reliable as possible, changes, additions, and cancellations are sometimes necessary.

For the latest information, including any changes to the information above or information about unplanned events that affect service, please check the Alerts section of the CTA website or see information pertaining to your route in our System Guide.

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