Red Ahead: Red Line Extension
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Red Line Extension Project

Connecting 95th/Dan Ryan to 130th Street

The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) is proposing to extend the Red Line from the existing terminal at 95th/Dan Ryan to 130th Street, subject to the availability of funding. The proposed 5.6-mile extension would include four new stations near 103rd Street, 111th Street, Michigan Avenue, and 130th Street. Multimodal connections at each station would include bus, bike, pedestrian, and park & ride facilities. This project is one part of the Red Ahead Program to extend and enhance the entire Red Line.

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Project benefits

  • Improving the Transit Experience: RLE will provide up to 30-minute time savings to riders traveling from the future 130th Street station to the Loop and facilitate access to multiple CTA rail lines and bus routes.
  • A Better System for Everyone: RLE will help Far South Side residents reliably access jobs and opportunities outside their neighborhoods, which includes jobs within communities along the RLE project footprint and throughout the region.
  • New Opportunities for Chicagoans: RLE will pay dividends locally during construction and, once implemented, RLE is estimated to generate more than 25,000 jobs throughout Cook County in the coming years.
  • Connecting People and Investing in Neighborhoods: RLE will be one of the single biggest investments on the Far South Side in decades and is a critical investment for CTA to expand its rapid transit network. RLE is estimated to catalyze, or set the table, for $1.7 billion in real estate development in the half-mile station area between 2029-2040.

To learn more about the Red Line Extension project and the CTA’s commitment to improve mobility, accessibility and economic opportunity throughout Chicago, watch the project video below (click here to view with Spanish captions).


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