Bus shelter and pole

Bus stop asset monitoring

How can CTA automatically monitor the condition of physical assets at bus stops or their use over time?

Our riders engage with myriad public transit physical assets throughout the Chicagoland area. The monitoring of these bus-related assets presents a hefty operational burden on the CTA and its staff. To reduce this burden,  we are seeking innovative solutions to monitor transit related physical infrastructure and its use. Proposed solutions should target at least one of the following:

  • Cataloguing asset condition (e.g., bus stop signage, bus stop furniture, sidewalks);
  • Occurrence of passengers not being able to board due to crowding;
  • Customer alighting frequency and locale;
  • Notifications of asset condition changes.

Solutions should work in a variety of weather and visibility conditions and, if scaled up, should allow for large scale monitoring of infrastructure and assets with minimal operational overhead. Ideal solutions would provide near real-time access to information about asset use or condition or, at the very least, do not require manual upload/processing.

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Important Dates

  • March 18th  -  Information Session
  • April 1st - Questions Due
  • April 15th - Applications Due
  • First week of June – Phase 2 Presentations