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Getting Accessible/Step-Free Trips from Google Maps

We now guide all trip planning to Google Maps on our website as the RTA Trip Planner (previously built and maintained by the separate Regional Transportation Authority), was being discontinued on April 15, 2020.

To get wheelchair-accessible or step-free trip plans from Google Maps is an easy option to select once you're at Google Maps—all you need to do is choose "Wheelchair accessible" under "Options" when looking at a set of possible trips.

Tip: If you got to this page while trying to plan a trip by clicking the "I need an accessible for step-free trip" link, this page likely opened in a new tab to not take you away from your search. Simply close this tab to go back to where you were.


Depending on what you're using to look for trip plans on our website, Google Maps might open in your browser or, on phones with Google Maps installed, your results may show in the Google Maps app.

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