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Website Accessibility

Our newly refreshed website has features built in to help people with disabilities more easily read and navigate the site.

In addition to following established standards for accessibility—such as building pages with an intuitive, hierarchical layout, expressing as much information as possible in simple text and marking up media which express information with accompanying or alternative text—the site is designed to adapt for easier readability at a wide range of screen resolutions and zoom levels, to be navigable by keyboard or with assistive software features enabled, and work with a maximum range of software.

What's new with our 2018 website refresh

  • When navigating by keyboard (using the tab and/or arrow keys, as appropriate), your cursor focus is now highlighted on our website by a blue box to help make it easier to see what's selected.
    • You'll also occasionally find tips, such as ones that help you fully use the site's simplified navigation bar.
    • Note: If using Safari on a Mac, you may need to use Option+Tab to jump between items on a page or change your preferences to allow Tab to highlight any item on a web page by going to Safari's Preferences (⌘,) and enabling this option on the Advanced preferences panel.
  • Search functionality on the website has been greatly improved to make it easier than ever to find the content you're looking for. Try a search using the search box or button (magnifying glass) at the top of any regular page.
  • If you wish to enlarge text, we've designed our site to automatically adapt to a range of screen resolutions and browser zoom levels to help avoid or minimize any need for horizontal scrolling (in addition to normal vertical scrolling to view a page).
  • If you zoom in enough that text won't fit alongside sidebars that appear on many pages, the page layout automatically collapses into a single column without losing any of the content.
    • How to zoom on a PC: You can enlarge text using zoom-in-and-out features built into nearly every modern web browser: Simply hold Control (Ctrl) on your keyboard and press the plus (+) key to zoom in, or Control and the minus sign (-) to zoom out. To revert back to the default zoom level, just hold Control and press zero (0).
    • On a Mac: The same functions work on a PC, except hold Command () and press the plus (+), minus (-) or zero (0) key to zoom in, out or go back to default zoom, respectively.
  • We've also made content improvements to help people with disabilities. For example, when you look at Train Tracker arrivals for a station, we provide direct links (from the "station information" section) back to more information about a station to find addresses, maps and more.

Providing feedback

Accessibility is important to us: Though we've reached out to testers with disabilities and tested the site on devices with assistive software enabled, we know that everyone's abilities may differ and so we are always looking for feedback on how we can serve you better.

If you have any suggestions or have trouble while using our website, we want to know about it right away! Your feedback helps us fix bugs and/or helps us learn how to build better experiences in the future to serve you.

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