Four CTA Rail Stations to Receive New Artwork by Award-Winning Artists

October 14, 2016

The Chicago Transit Board today approved the award of four contracts to four renowned artists to develop new artwork for four CTA rail stations that will reflect the neighboring community and beautify rail stations along the Brown, Blue and Green lines – the latest step in Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s efforts to expand public art across CTA bus and rail facilities.

Under the Mayor’s leadership, CTA’s collection of public art has nearly doubled since 2011 – currently boasting more than 60 works of art across all eight rail lines. This collection includes mosaics, art glass and sculptures created by nationally and internationally acclaimed artists, many of whom are local.

“Walk into any of our 60-plus rail stations that have public art on display and try imagining that space without the artwork -- and you will quickly realize how different your commuting experience would be,” said CTA President Dorval R. Carter Jr. “The addition of the artwork in our stations not only enlivens the space and enhances travel experience, it also adds to the character of the surrounding community.”

CTA’s art collection will further expand over the next few years by nearly a dozen new works of art, including those announced today along with artwork planned as part of the completed Your New Blue station renovation work at Western and Damen, the new Washington/Wabash Loop station; the Chicago/Austin bus turnaround; and the new Wilson station and 95th Street Terminal on the Red Line, both of which are currently being reconstructed.

After reviewing nearly 350 responses to a Call for Artists issued in December 2015 for artistic merit and related qualifications, the CTA has selected the following artists to commission new, one-of-a-kind public art:

  • Diversey/Brown Line: Mathew Wilson (Chicago)
  • Illinois Medical District/Blue Line: Jason Messinger (Chicago)
  • Jefferson Park/Blue Line: Jamie Pawlus (Indianapolis)
  • Kedzie/Green Line: Erin Curtis (Washington D.C.)

CTA will host public meetings with the selected artists to gather community input into the artwork designs. Meeting details will be announced in the coming months. The artwork will be paid for with Federal Transit Enhancement funds provided by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). The comprehensive budget is estimated to be $320,000, which includes costs associated with artist fees, fabrication, shipping/delivery and contingency.

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