Space Junction of Energy (above)
Jerald Jacquard
Painted steel, mixed media
1970, CTA Art Collection

Jerald Jacquard’s sculpture, Space Junction of Energy, is a paradox; an abstract sculpture that describes the specific event of mass passing through space. The artist’s intention is to energize the viewer’s mind through perception of the ever-shifting composition of geometric forms. Formal yet animated, the sculpture is an arrangement of hollow geometric shapes constructed of cut and welded sheet steel. A visual blanket of orange paint unifies the variable components and emphasizes the internal balance and harmony of this dynamic composition.




We All Ride the Train Together (below)
David Lee Csicsko
Mixed-media mosaics by Erin Adams Design
2009, Arts in Transit

Mosaics by David Lee Csicsko embellish the Belmont station in celebration of the diversity and liveliness of the Lakeview community. CTA customers are greeted by nine spirited portraits along Belmont Avenue. Inside the stationhouse colossal pairs of eyes keep watch and reflect friendly faces while a Victorian-era train car pays homage to the history of the neighborhood. The joyous portraits of its passengers, young and old, reflect the diversity of Chicago’s population.



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