Hayes Healy Gymnasium (above)
Mike Grucza

Installation of Bas-relief, limestone panels
2015, CTA Art Collection

Six carved limestone panels depicting athletic activities are original bas-reliefs of the McCormick Theological Seminary Gymnasium Building. Designed by Dwight G. Wallace and completed in 1929, the Collegiate Gothic Revival style structure became the Hayes Healy Gymnasium of DePaul University in 1976.

The City of Chicago commissioned artist Mike Grucza to design a contemporary display for the repurposed historic panels and in 2015 donated this artwork to the CTA’s collection of public art.





Doors Open Everywhere at Fullerton (above)
Michael Dinges
Venetian glass, marble and stone mosaic
2009, Arts in Transit

The distant horizon of Michael Dinges’ abstracted prairie landscape beckons commuters entering the station, drawing their eyes up the stairway to the mezzanine. A broad expanse of gold and green, and the luminous, diffused colors of the overarching sky evoke a feeling of boundlessness to match the sense of  possibilities one may feel when setting out for a new destination.


Landslide (below)
Derick Malkemus
Cast bronze
2009, Arts in Transit

Abstract, dynamic and impeccably detailed, Landslide, like all of Derick Malkemus’ work, is a three-dimensional drawing—as significant for its lines as for its forms. Employing a unique visual vocabulary, the artist intends his work to be an expression through form, without narrative, to be appreciated without need for a verbal explanation.


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