Game Changer (above)
Paula Henderson

Art glass
2014, Arts in Transit

Artist Paula Henderson celebrates the legacy of professional baseball in a mirrored composition of White Sox legends and Negro League greats—who played their East-West All Star games at the former Comiskey Park.

In the lower panels, Jackie Robinson’s arm extends into the upper panels representing his ‘breaking of the color line’- ending segregation in the major leagues.

The upper panels reflect change over decades in its patterning of the diversity of White Sox ‘greats’.


Magic Numbers (below)
Cody Hudson
Art glass, anodized aluminum
2006, Arts in Transit

Magic Numbers, an artwork in three components, celebrates the mysticism and fanaticism associated with the Chicago White Sox baseball team. The stairway panels indicate significant calendar years, the total number of players, and retired jersey numbers during the 104 years of White Sox history (1902 – 2005).

Enveloping the station elevator is a pattern of multi-colored stripes referencing team trivia including uniform colors and win/loss statistics by year. Certain stripes include a code of picture symbols  representing more obscure trivial facts. This language of symbols is an invention of artist Cody Hudson, who believes CTA riders and White Sox fans will eventually break the code.




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