Garfield Gateway Project

This project is complete.

The completion of the Garfield Gateway Project in January 2019 represents the creation of a new and iconic gateway to the Washington Park community in Chicago’s South Side. 

One of CTA's most historic rail stations, the Garfield Green Line station underwent a series of upgrades to benefit transit riders, bicyclists and pedestrians, while supporting and promoting the ongoing revitalization of the community.

Station improvements

New artistically enhanced windbreaks at Garfield Green Line by Chicago artist Nick Cave

Photo by Patrick Pyszka, City of Chicago

This $43 million project restored the original stationhouse on the south side of Garfield Boulevard and improved the current, in-service stationhouse with elevator and escalator enhancements, extensions of the platform canopies, as well as visually enhanced architectural features embellished with new work by renowned Chicago artist Nick Cave.

The artist’s multi-disciplinary artwork was re-mixed into design patterns via various materials applied to key architectural components of the station such as the stationhouse mosaic ceiling, fused glass platform windbreaks, lenticular columns and the exterior of the station’s steel elevator towers.

One of the oldest public transit stations in the country, Garfield was first built as part of South Side Rapid Transit’s extension to the World’s Columbian Exposition in 1892.

The rehabilitation project also includes enhancements to the streetscape made in coordination with the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) as a key component of the University of Chicago’s Arts + Public Life Initiative’s Arts Block project.

In July 2016, CTA received $25 million in federal funding for the project through the U.S. Department of Transportation’s TIGER grant program.

Construction began in late spring of 2018 and was completed by January 2019.

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