Be Safe on CTA

Be Safe on CTA Campaign

Customer safety and security is CTA’s #1 priority, and many of our customers are kids of all ages. That’s why we created the “Be Safe on CTA” campaign.

“Be Safe on CTA” is an expansion of our ongoing “Stay off the tracks, it’s not worth your life” rail safety campaign and is a customized education program for students to teach them how to ride safely on CTA trains and buses.

Why a campaign for kids?

More than 100,000 students ride the CTA on school days. The objective of “Be Safe on CTA” is to provide informational resources to elementary school students and teachers that educate CPS student riders on how to safely ride the CTA bus and rail systems.

Besides the fact that kids are some of our *very* favorite customers, we believe that by proactively teaching kids how to safely ride trains and buses at an early age, we can help them establish good transit-riding habits for the rest of their lives.

Getting the word out

CTA is partnering with Chicago Public Schools to provide an interactive classroom program. Created in-house by CTA communications and safety staff, in collaboration with education professionals, this interactive program includes an overview video created just for kids, activity books and classroom posters that reinforce safety messages.

Check out some of our free resources here:

For teachers and principals

If you’re an educator who would like to learn more about our free, in-classroom program, we want to hear from you! E-mail us at and someone will contact you soon.

Be Safe on CTA: Safety tips for kids

Riding the bus

  1. Always hold hands with an adult
  2. Always use crosswalks
  3. Look both ways when crossing
  4. Never run into the street
  5. Never walk or run in front of bus
  6. Never attempt to run beside the bus once it starts to leave the bus stop
  7. Wait for passengers to get off the bus before getting on
  8. Be careful stepping up from the curb onto the bus
  9. When your stop is next, pull the rope by the window (or ask a nice grownup to help you!)
  10. If there are no seats, hold on to a pole, a handle or a strap hanging from above
  11. When standing, do not lean against the doors
  12. Remain seated while the bus is moving
  13. Exit the bus at the rear doors and be careful stepping down from the bus to the curb

Riding the train

  1. Always enter through the main doors of the rail station
  2. Pay your fare using a Ventra card before moving through the turnstile
  3. Never attempt to jump over the turnstile or under it – If you need help, just ask a CTA employee
  4. Once you are on the platform:
  5. No pushing or running
  6. Stay behind the blue ledge until the train stops
  7. Always look both ways
  8. If you drop anything on the tracks, tell a CTA employee immediately
  9. Don’t ever get on the tracks – It’s extremely dangerous!
  10. Do not go under or around the crossing gates
  11. Stand clear of the doors when they are opening and closing
  12. Be careful stepping between the platform and train
  13. Listen to announcements from the train operator

FAQ about CTA

What kinds of vehicles does CTA operate?
Buses and trains.

How many trips a day so CTA buses make?
Approximately 19,000; Equal to more than 6 times around the Earth each day!

How many trips do CTA trains make?
More than 2,000 a day.

How many people do CTA trains carry a day?
About 700,000 people; enough to fill 11 Soldier Fields!

How many miles of track does CTA have?
224 miles – Like driving all the way to Green Bay, Wisconsin.

How many kids ride CTA each day?
Approximately 134,000 school-aged children ride transit Monday through Friday to get to class. An estimated 107,000 rides on buses and 27,000 rides on trains are provided to children on school days.

Additional resources

Check out these videos to learn even more about how to be safe on the CTA!

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